Discover the most amazing village -
Fundata, Romania

Why choose Fundata?

Fundata, a Top Location For Touristical Tops Winner of the Year’s Touristic Destination of 2023 Prize offered by FIJET ROMANIA, Fundata commune was also designated as number 1 destination in Romania for 2023 by other travel sites or publications, for more than one reason.
Being in top rankings, Fundata is also a top destination in itself, being one of the most highly placed sattlement in the country, located at an altitude of 1360 meters.

Fundata commune is in the center of the country, at the southern end of Bra┼čov county, in the basin between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului massifs, in the Ruc─âr-Bran corridor.
Fundata used to be a border commune, located right on the border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Wallachia, so that the locals say that farmers would have their house in one country and their stable in the other one, crossing the border many times a day to feed their animals. Thus, Fundata became the first place liberated by the Romanian military troops in World War I.

History marks that in the battles for Fundata, on August 14, 1916, colonel Gheorghe Poenaru-Bordea (deputy commander of the 30th "Muscel" Infantry Regiment) crossed the border with his troops and was killed. Several dozen other soldiers died in the battles for the liberation of Fundata. The Monument of the Founding Heroes can be visited nowadays in Fundata.

Among touristic objectives, an old wooden Orthodox church, built in 1830, during the time of priest Bucur Mo┼čoiu, is dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God, can be found, alongside with The Ethnographic Museum “Nicolae Frunte┼č” from ┼×irnea, housed in the building that was the town hall until 1967 and the medical dispensary until 2009. Here, the visitor can admire an impressive collection that belonged to Professor Nicolae Frunte┼č. The basic collection was founded in the years 1962-1967, then it was extended to its current location (approx. 500 possessions), all exhibits being gathered through donations.

Moreover, Fundata invites the visitor to discover a way of living, tourists being tempted by the local traditional events, welcoming guests with traditional foods, craftsmen’ exhibitions, and a rich folk programme of dances and music. One can discover “Nedeia Mun┼úilor” (a shepherds’ celebration); Winter in ┼×irnea at the end of January; Milk measure - in the commune of ┼×irnea; Sumedru's fire, in Fundata and in ┼×irnea, the historical reenactment festival in which wheels of fire are run down the hills as protection against evil spirits.

Pension houses with modern facilities, but a traditional life style add up to the picture, so that once here, you can learn specific activities, taste traditional menues, and enjoy life in a slow rhythm.

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