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Activities in Fundata

Food in Fundata
Food in Fundata

Authentic Experiences: Local traditions and flavors

In Fundata, a wide range of authentic experiences awaits you, connecting you with local traditions and culture. You'll have the chance to witness cow milking, learn how "brânza de burduf" is made and explore other related traditional activities.
Additionally, you'll savor authentic dishes in a setting specific to the region, during a culinary session that captures the authentic aromas and flavors of Fundata.

*Brânzä de burduf is a traditional Romanian cheese made from cow's milk.

Alpine Coaster Fundata
Alpine Coaster Fundata

Alpine Coaster

Experience maximum fun safely on the Alpine Coaster in Fundata.

With a length of approximately 1 km, this adventure is designed for both adults and children over.
In this thrilling adventure, you'll travel solo or with a loved one in a specially designed "sled" for two.
This route will provide unique sensations and breathtaking landscapes, all in a safe and comfortable setting.

Go Karting and Offroad Fundata
Go Karting and Offroad Fundata


If you're seeking a mix of speed and adrenaline, the karting activity in Fundata will surely delight you. Surrounded by nature and impressive landscapes, you'll speed through specially designed mountain roads.
Each turn and descent will challenge your driving skills and courage, offering a captivating and fun experience amidst nature.

Zipline Tandem Fundata
Zipline Tandem Fundata

Tandem Zipline

For those craving excitement and aerial exploration, the Tandem Zipline in Fundata is an excellent choice.
With a length of 500 meters and a height of 50 meters, you'll experience the sensation of flying in the heart of nature.
With the option to fly in tandem with a friend or partner, you'll share the emotions and joy of flying in a safe ano captivating environment.

Karting and OffRoad Fundata
Karting and OffRoad Fundata

Off-Roading on Specially Designed Track

Enjoy an authentic off-road experience on specially designed terrain in Fundata.
Our guide will take the wheel and navigate you through the spectacular paths of nature, giving you the opportunity to enjoy adventure and landscapes without the worry of driving.
You'll feel the terrain's vibrations, overcome various obstacles and explore nature in a captivating and comfortable way.
The guide will provide you with local information and stories, ensuring you have a memorable and safe experience.

Rifle shooting Fundata
Rifle shooting Fundata

Rifle Shooting

Discover the art of rifle shooting amidst the spectacular landscapes of Fundata. Rifle shooting offers you the opportunity to test your precision and concentration in a captivating natural environment.

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, you'll enjoy the careful guidance of our specialized guides, who will provide tips and techniques for impressive results. Beyond the sporting challenge, you'll have the chance to admire the beauty of Fundata's landscapes, creating unforgettable memories.

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